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Cacao Ceremony / 20:30 - 22:30

Traditional Raw Cacao Ceremony

The tradition of the cacao ceremonies has its roots in central- and South America and is still alive in the culture of indiginous tribes in this regions. This ceremony is dedicated to the reconnection with the earth and our own heart. Cacao is known as the medicine and healingplant of the heart, as it strenghtens (when kept in its pure, unprocessed form) the qualities of connection, truth and harmony within us.

In a ceremony one drinks the medicinal raw cacaopaste in a ceremonial dose (traditionally with hot water) this brings us into a state where we can easily open and listen to the voice of our heart, enter into a state of relaxation and presence.
The ceremony spaces are often framed with meditation and medicinesongs, this supports to turn into ourselves and allow our natural rhythm to take over. The attention switches from our intellectual body into our heart and from there- with the help of the cacao plant, we can look and experience things from a different perspective.

Back on the roots cacao is known as a medicine and as a teacher that brings health and vitality into our physical, emotional and energetic body. A ceremony can be a creative celebration and aswell a dooropener to deeper emotional healing and visioning spaces.

Cacao Ceremony Flora

About Ramona


My name is Ramona and in winter 2014 I participated the first time to a cacao ceremony. I entered this experience with no expectations, as I had no clue what this ceremony actually was about. The impact and depth of it totally blew my mind. To me it was a strong doorway for a gentle inner transformation. During this ceremony a fine connection with this plantmedicine was woven. At this point of time I had no idea that this was the beginning of a way bigger journey into a researchfield of ancient wisdom and traditions.

Meanwhile I worked as a coach and trainer and held trainings for personal development in different places around Europe.The experience that I had with the raw cacao medicine did not let loose and so I followed the call to learn more about this plant.I crossed the atlantic ocean and in Costa Rica, through beautiful circumstances I arrived on the right place at the right time.There the tradition of the cacao ceremonies is still practiced from the tribe of the Bribris. Learning about this ancient medicine circles on a place where everything is still tangable has been very mind opening and healing for me.

With a woman who dedicated her lifepath to the work with cacao, I entered into some time of ceremonies, practical learning and connection with this cacao. From a once heartwarming experience, over a committet time of initiation, I keep deepening my knowledge about this powerful plant. My research journey brings me to places in Central- and Southamerica where I am connecting to the ancient plant secrets and the shamanic path.

Since ever, I am a passionate singer and songwriter. The songs that I sing on the cacao ceremonies are brought from the jungles into the center of our circles and are often very old and sang in many many hundred plant ceremonies before.

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I hereby register to the following course: Cacao Ceremony, 07.10.17, Course Contribution: CHF 35.- til 45.- (according to your estimation), minimum participants: 8