14 apr 18 / familia


OAO-Mamita: A Cacao Rite / 19:00 - 22:00

OAO-Mamita Cacao: A Cacao Rite
In this sensual heart opening sound and light journey with Mamita Cacao guided by Zenjai Photona you will let go of your daily affairs. Touching your most precious tenderness. Connecting to your higher self to surrender and transform. Meditation. A mystical healing ritual. Sincerely driven by one of the oldest plants of south america: Theobroma Cacao. Intergalactic fun and soul work.


About Zenjai:

Zenjai Photona is an Art(therap)ist and an eclectic and persuasive pioneer. She has developed her own methods and repertoire of healing, educated by her father in bio-medicine and having been driven by her keen passion in combing ancient wisdom with the latest discoveries in the fast-developing techniques of modern bio-medicine over the past 16 years. Drawn from a broad range of experience and philosophies from east to west, from ancient to modern, Zenjai Photona genuinely applies and further integrates into these holistic philosophies into her own daily life.

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