14 apr 18 / familia


mantra chanting / 16:00-17:00

Mantra chanting:
Mantras are seen as sacred words or verses in the ancient language of Sanskrit. The frequency of the sound that is created through the pronunciation has a transformative impact on our bodies and minds. In this workshop you get an introduction on the ancient practice of mantra chanting. You will get to know a few particular mantras and their meaning and by chanting them you will also feel the effect of these sacred words. The singing of mantras is a very simple yet powerful meditation technique that allows you to quiet your busy mind and fully surrender to the beauty of the sound and your personal prayer. Singing in a group also feels very harmonious and heart opening.


About Recha and Vanessa:

Music has always been an important part of Recha's and Vanessa's life. They both realized at an early age how singing and playing instruments have a very healing impact on our hearts. In Rishikesh India during their yoga teacher training both started to experience the power of mantra and chanting which took their love to music on a new level. Back in Zurich they decided to pair up to share what they have learnt but mainly to just do what they love most - connect with others through the beauty of sound.

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