14 apr 18 / familia


the magic of human connection / 17:30 - 18:30

The Magic of Human Connection
Connection is being in touch with life. It is life celebrating itself: inside us, outside us, and experiencing no barrier between, within and without. Connection is our body knowing it belongs amongst all of Earth's life and energy. It is accessing the spark within - intuition and feelings - and embracing a state to share it with our changing world.
This 60-min workshop begins with guided meditation and conscious movement. It's core is exploring connection through movement and dance, where participants interact consciously, based on guidance from the host. The workshop concludes with sharing collective wisdom experienced by the participants in a full circle. This workshop removes barriers to connection and recognizes what is alive in and between us.
Instruction is given in English.


About Tim:

Tim is a lifelong student and teacher of meditation, yoga, storytelling, and science. His guided sessions aid participants in accessing their body's wisdom - feelings and intuition - helping them bridge humanity's tribal past with its present state. Tim is an active Ecstatic Dance guide and this workshop communicates his philosophical motivation.



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