04 nov / fauna


Energetic Healing and Mediumship / 15:15 - 16:45

Energetic Healing and Mediumship:

Through experiencing again what it means to be present and feeling our own natural vibration, we can unfold our true potential and step into our power. We become a conscious creator of our own life. On this path we will discover and explore more and more about our inner self and the truth that lays within that which wants to be expressed in different ways in our life.

Together we connect the metaphysical with the material world. Within that we open a space where energy can flow through us freely and healing and change can occur. In this space we consciously stimulate our trust into our intuition and the sensitivity of our perceptive abilities that come along with that. We can use these sensitivity to sense and bring exactly those fine processes into our conscious, which we miss so often in our everyday life. In order to enter this sensations we need to become fully present and expand our energetic field.

Driven by our joy and curiosity we learn to trust our intuition. In a playful and relaxed atmosphere we are gonna explore these energies and sensations and have an exchange about it. We will learn through simple exercises and use each other as learning partners.

My task within all this is to set impulses where needed and to hold the space for each one of you, so you can make the steps that are needed for you to grow. Though it is you alone who has the power to say yes to this steps. I serve you as an absolute channel of information and energies and you can use me as such.


About Demian:


I am very fortunate that through a good friend of mine, I have found a for me very organic and holistic approach to the world of spiritual healing and mediumship. For two years I have regularly been visiting seminars of Alexandros Gakidis and Lisa Maria. Together they form ANIMA-Experience. I follow the courses out of the motivation to work on myself, which allows me to grow beyond myself. I have been able to take a very deliberate look at my whole self from various angles and make different experiences within that. I constantly integrate these experiences into my everyday life, in order to make the optimal growth possible for me.

The fact that also my skills as a medium and my confidence in the energies that flow through me have grown during this time, has now developed the desire to carry this form of practice outwards and share it with people in my own way.

As a next step I would like to experiment more on different levels with various forms of healing and ideas about the inner journey. My desire is to create a new tool, a new form of how people can meet themselves and claim back their power to create their very own life.

I hereby register to the following course: Spiritual Healing, 04.11.17                           Course Contribution: CHF 30.- / 15.- (Legi)