10 nov 18 / crowdfunding finale


M.E (Mindful Experience) / 15:30 - 17:30

M.E (Mindful Experience)

M.E (Mindful Experience) events were created to raise the awareness for mental well-being in our everyday life. During the 2 hours event the participants are guided through 12 easy steps towards the identification of their real challenges. This mindful brainstorming aims for the intention setting towards improving our life and the activation for action of the participants, while providing the tools for inner peace and clarity.

The session will open with a raw cacao drink ritual. During the 1st hour of the event we will practice several mindfulness techniques: Love & kindness meditation, Visualization, Connection with the cosmos, Cultivate Humility, Transition Breathing, Mindful hearing, Modern rituals.

While the 2nd hour is dedicated to our challenges identification through mindful hearing and intension setting. The event will be finalized with a modern ritual that can be easily applied in our everyday lives.


About Aliki

Aliki is a 30-year-old architect from Greece. Expat by choice and traveler by curiosity she has always been observing the cultural differences and studying the human behavior across countries. After a burn out in 2016 answers that are not given by the traditional education became an emerging need. The practices of Meditation and Reiki became the inspiration for a journey towards the deeper understanding of the idea of mindfulness. The result was to end up absolutely passionate about the function of the human mind and the innumerous ways to expand our potential. One of her greatest joys right now is to accompany others to transform their lives into a masterpiece through the Mindfulness Experience (M.E) events taking place in Zurich and Costa Rica.

The funds raised from this event are aimed to support the online platform Karma Tribe created to unleash the power of generosity and the Chakana Project Crowdfunding.

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I hereby register to the following workshop: M.E (Mindful Experience)
10.11.18, Course Contribution: CHF 40.- / 35.- Legi

Bring: Yoga mat and/or yoga cushion