03 mar 18 / ghosts & demons


Dance Improvisation & Eyegazing / 17:45-19:15

Dancing through our inner landscapes:
Let's celebrate and move to the rhythm of our innermost core! Mostly we are used to focusing in the outer world, but we may lose touch with the actual essence of how we feel. During this playful meet up we will dance through some of our inner landscapes by consciously remembering to dance the way it feels good to our body and not necessarily the way it might be visually appealing from the outside. You will find expansion by observing your internal worlds, accompanying them with presence and joy into fruition and blissful embodiment.  

You will be experimenting with different movements, shapes and body parts while honoring and trusting how you feel and how you want to express. Finally after journeying within we will all meet at the same eye level and share a quiet moment of mindful connection (Eyegazing), where hopefully you will allow yourself to see and be seen in your essence.

Journeying will include: welcoming chai, introduction, collective warm up, free flow dancing, cool down and eye gazing.


About Sarah:

Sarah's roots are Swiss and Indian and she was born in Switzerland but has been moving homes since an early age. With her mother she travelled the world for 4 years between age 10-14 and lived in many different countries amongst: Mexico, Thailand, Philippines, Israel, Egypt, Seychelles…


She is endlessly enthusiastic, energetic, loving and devoted to learning and living the different paths which lead to inner and outer alignment. Her passion in life is discovering potential, truth and joy in everything and everyone. She believes in the purpose of co-creation through the blossoming of each ones potential and calling in life. Encouraging everyone to live their authentic self and embody it fully with grace.



I hereby register to the following course: Dance Improvisation & Eyegazing, 03.03.18            Course Contribution: CHF 15.- / 10.- (Legi / IV). Bring: movement adequate outfit, warm socks, yoga mat (optional). Please note that Chakana is an association and you have to be a member in order to be able to participate in all events and workshops.