03 mar 18 / ghosts & demons


singing & harmonization / 16:00 - 18:00

Release your voice:
Singing is a path o liberation, self-knowledge, integration of our own shadow, acceptance and harmonization. It’s a process of love. Learning to love our voice is learning to love ourselves. Basic exercises will help us to relax the body and breath properly. Learning euphonic vocal placement will release the inner sound. We will find our own voice, house it in the body, make it healthy and celebrate its beauty and expressiveness.

For anyone interested in the vocal-musical world. For people who feel pain, vocal exhaustion, tension, difficulties in projection and volume, blocks in communication, incorrect breathing, dysphonia and emotional obstacles to express themselves. This workshop will help you to harmonize and to support stress situations. - “We never know how high our voice can fly...”


About Mercedes:


Mercedes was born in Buenos Aires in a home full of music and songs. She found her vocation for performing arts when she was a child. Later on she was trained as a singer, actress, dancer and teacher and worked in different scenarios in Latin America and Asia.
In her practice, Mercedes incorporates technical, expressive and philosophical elements of diverse cultures in which she lived in. Her own own spiritual search led her to the path of communion between art and the evolution of consciousness.

For ten years she has been sharing what she has learned: to train artists, to help developing people in different countries, self-confidence, appreciation of themselves and harmonization through knowledge and enjoyment of their own voice.


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