02 sep / agua


live music meditation / 20:00 - 21:00

Elena Mironov and Thomas Jeker are guiding this meditation session which will focus on both breath and body awareness to calm the mind, relax deeply and release stress. The session will offer a possibility to look deep within, guided by Elena's verbal cues and mesmerizing live music featuring Japanese flute, by Thomas. The practice is open to all levels - both experienced and beginner meditators and will provide guidance that is suitable for all. The session is in English.


About Elena

Elena Mironov is a Zürich based international yoga- and meditation teacher, composer, teachers’ educator and author. For over 16 years, she has been practicing and studying with the master teachers worldwide and for the past 11, teaching and leading yoga retreats and workshop immersions on 5 continents. With a background in psychology and music, Elena loves to focus on integration: bringing the breath and movement into a state of synchronicity combined with intelligent alignment and poetry of verbal instruction as a transformational way to re-connect with ourselves and meeting the students where they are.

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About Thomas

Thomas Jeker is a musician and composer, mostly working in the field of electroacoustic compositions. He studied guitar, contrabass and shakuhachi at the Conservatories for Music in Basel and Bern. From 2003 on he started to work as a composer, musician and performer for different dance and theatre productions, collaborating with video artists and composing music for film. His curiosity and love for different kind of sounds led into various compositions and collaborations.  Since 2016 Thomas Jeker has a duo with the oud player Christian Moser, using  oud and electric bass combined with minimal ambient electronics.

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