12 mai 18 / love & magic


Heart opening flow and the magic of touch / 13:00 - 15:30

Heart opening flow and the magic of touch:
With a mixture of flowing movements, purifying breathing exercises and clarifying meditation we will open our heart center and strengthen the connection to ourselves. The attentive treatment of body, mind and soul enables us to be receptive to giving and receiving love. One of the first steps to discover personal beauty is the ability to open your heart. The practice of self-love is important and decisive for our well-being. If we open our hearts and really know ourselves, we will be able to discover the full richness, possibilities and joys that life has to offer.

With Thai Yoga Massage you experience yoga of letting go, a magic of touch. The conscious giving and receiving puts you in a state of relaxation on a deep level. Thai Yoga Bodywork consists of passive positions and stretching movements taken from yoga as well as joint mobilisation and pressure point massage. The aim is, just like in classical yoga, to release blockages in the energy body so that the life energy (prana) can flow freely. Let yourself be touched by this magic, it is touch that comes from the heart. Instruction will be given in german and in english.


About Dali:
Dali is a wholehearted yoga and meditation teacher and Thai Yoga practitioner. She loves, lives and shares holistic yoga. She wants to touch hearts with yoga and the help of mind-expanding practices and help people to find and strengthen the connection to themselves.

Dali has been practicing yoga for many years and she has been inspired and enriched by various teachers in India, Bali and South America. She enjoys to touch people through the practice of Thai Yoga with devotion and mindfulness and to bring them with flowing movements in different yoga positions.

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