06 jan / Mama Quilla


Dance Improvisation / 15:45 - 17:15

Dance Improvisation

Dance Improvisation is about exploring the movement potential of our bodies and the creative potential of our minds. As well as enjoying the movement facility already available to you, this workshop will teach you exercises to broaden your physical and mental range. It provides an opportunity to explore the vast array of approaches to improvisation available – influenced or inspired by forms such as Action Theater, Contact Improvisation, Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique, Yoga and Meditation.

"Contact Improvisation is an honoring of every moment. There is a sweet surrendering that happens when our bodies stay faithful to what is happening now, and now... and NOW! In this form one learns to stay in integrity with each choice, never forcing, never rushing. When Body, Mind, and Spirit are united in their instinctive wisdom one finds ones-self at home in every moment expressing ones true nature."
- Moti Zemelman

mamaquilla_dance improvisation

About Milena


Milena is an artist, graphic designer, dancer, musician, yoga teacher and practical idealist. She has been playing, dancing and meditating for over two decades. Through artistic research she hopes to highlight the potential of movement as a tool to create authentic connections with oneself and the other by bringing it into play and communication.

"I am a human animal. I like to squirm, wriggle and roll around with other human animals. It feels real and makes me feel alive and three-dimensional. My reflexes sharpen and my senses are brighter. I can express my playfulness, my madness, my non-rational being as well as being meditative and more conscious through my movement exploration. I need to be in contact with myself, the floor, and with others. It’s very intimate and a way to share that nurtures and nourishes me."





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