Chakana is a non-commercial association that aims to generate an emotional and transpersonal growth in our society. In workshops, performances and lectures we approach the theme of reconnection with the earth and our emotions. The aim is to shift our attention from our intellectual body to our emotions and from there to perceive things from a different perspective. The association acts as a community platform in Zurich and offers a broad cultural spectrum, such as concerts, parties, readings, exhibitions, shadow theatres, film evenings and workshops in the fields of yoga, meditation, music and dance. At Chakana, both local and international artists have a platform to present and share their performances and knowledge.

With the first project, the association is raising funds for the restoration of a Shipibo natural healing centre in the Peruvian Amazon that is threatened by decay. Together with a team of volunteers and local carpenters we want to sustainably renovate the facility with natural materials and according to the principles of permaculture. The preservation of the place will enable future generations to continue their traditions and thus make a substantial contribution to the survival of the Shipibo culture with its unique handicrafts, its millennia-old knowledge of the rainforest and its incomparable singing associated with nature, plants and animals while stimulating a cultural exchange between Europe and South America.