02 dec / Taita Inti


Ho'oponopono / 15:45-17:00

Ho'oponopono, which in Haiwaian means "correct an error", is a system that allows us to clean the beliefs we have in our subconscious. The ancient shamans of Hawaii used it to fix family problems. It is a very simple but really effective method to change the thoughts that limit us. Our Universe is created by our thoughts and the thoughts come from what we believe, that is, everything we see in the world of form is the result of everything we think.

In this workshop we will introduce this healing meditation process focussing in visualization. Dive into your consciousness with the Ho’oponopono roots theory. This workshop can help you to heal relationships or situations with a person in particular.


About Agustin:
Agustin has been into natural healing processes with power plants since young age. The native plants to where he was born were guiding him in the first years and led him to a great internal knowledge.

He has been working with Reiki Level 1 and 2 and has given Diskha for several years. He also developed a profound interest in music therapy and did two seminars in music as therapy at the University of Bologna.

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