02 sep / agua


yoga practice + theory / 14:30 - 17:30

Theory Class Swadhyaya:
This Sanskrit term means self study and tells us the way how to follow what classical yoga proposes: to revise the foundations of our life. Yoga proposes that uncomfortable feelings in life are rooted in the behavior of our mind. From the revision of our values, habits, judgments and attitudes, it suggests which is the proper discernment in order to perceive happiness and freedom. By reflecting our own perspective, we can modify our perception and relationship with reality. In this talk we will revise concepts that help to open ourselves to reflect the perceptions of ourselves, life, our values, relationships, etc. through discernment.

From this perspective, it is interesting to understand yogic practices: asanas (physical postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises), pratyahara and dharana (control of the senses and concentration) and dhyanam (meditation) are designed to develop strength, attention and clarity to be able to modify one’s life experience.

Practical Class:
In this class, we will seek to deepen the understanding that the main object of observation in practical techniques is ourself. Thus, through asanas, pranayamas and exercises of concentration and meditation we will try to keep the focus on our experience, seeking to recognize our current state.
The practice of yoga itself has many qualities that empower us in many areas, but the main understanding is, that it is an experience of personal growth enabling us to modify our life experience and giving us the possibility of releasing us from patterns that limit us .

This class will be adjusted corresponding to the necessities of the group.



About Berenice:
Berenice Valguarnera started teaching Hatha Yoga ten years ago. Later, she also learned to teach Ashtanga Vinayasa in the Iyengar style and discovered her interest in the practice of yoga applied therapeutically. She completed her studies in psychology with a diploma in yoga and mental health at the University of Chile and studied for a year with Yogiraj Tonmoy Shome (India) yogatherapy in the traditional method of yoga Loknath.
In this process, she approached the Advaita Vedanta and Vedic recitation, taking classes with various teachers that share with her the knowledge of classical philosophical texts on which yogic knowledge is based. Her studies of philosophy and recitation continue to this day with Ardvin Pare (India) and Francisco San Miguel (Chile). She is now leading her own Yoga School in Santiago de Chile (Academia de Yoga Santiago) and counts with over 800h of certified teaching trainings.


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