01 dec / Amazonia release / Alma Omega

Alma ∞ Omega is a weaver, dreamer and believer in the New-Frontier-for Humanity: a such as Cacao, Dance, and the Healing frequencies of Music, she has helped usher in a natural-plant medicineshrough her work with realities that long to be born with joy, interdependence and respect into this world. She has been studying and deepening her knowledge of the healing-realms for the past 20 years, ALONGSIDE her passion & love for underground-electronic-music, house-culture, art, embodied-dance & ritual and t to new cultures, connections mid-wifeecstaticcommunal-movement in Berlin and beyond, and is part of the pioneermovement for the actual EMBODIMENT of the New-Paradigm through such gatherings and rituals…With all of it’s messiness, magic, divine-chaos, radical authenticity and radiant love.