01 dec 19 / Chakana Amazonia Release / Leandra Agazzi

About Leandra:

Leandra has been working on her own ideas for five years. Her independent work has turned her everyday life upside down and adapted to her deeper needs. She is particularly interested in patterns, optical illusions and ornaments – their construction, the symbolism and origin of such structures. She designs her own patterns, which challenge the eye and invite it to linger. In doing so, Leandra examines the effect of the pattern, whether harmony is radiated or irritation for the eye is triggered.
She realizes those sketched patterns with wood. She is inspired by natural materials, their organic surfaces, structures, colours and their volatility. For ecological reasons, Leandra only collects used wood that is no longer utilized. Therefore, the aspect of recycling and randomness also flows in, as the wood collected is very different in form, size, colour, weight, etc.
For her, sharing the work with the environment, letting go of the work and handing it over solely to its own effect is the nicest thing. To observe how other people go about perceiving their associations and thoughts and entering into dialogue with them.

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