04 nov / fauna / Vruno (Cl)

Vruno is a musician, producer, composer and live performer from Chile, who is currently based in Berlin. He has dedicated himself to the research and exploration of ethnic sounds from all over the world. In his mision to create a unique and revolutionary sound experience, he blends downtempo electronic music with his own original and organic compositions using different instruments like Quenacho, Quena and Charango combined with drum machines and synthesizers. Outstanding in his productions and eager to explore and transmit the variety of different feelings trough music, Vruno has already showed his high potential across the globe. Grown up in Valparaiso, Chile, raised and influenced by his family – who is as well fully dedicated to music – it is not surprising he took his first musical steps alongside artist like Acid Pauli, Chris Schwarzwalder, Matanza, Tomash, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Nicola Cruz, SidiRum, Just Emma, Geju, Feathered Sun, Frivolous Chancha Via Circuito M. Rux and many others. Releases with well-known labels such as Akumandra and Festival Nomade show his ability to progress fast. Next to gigs in Chile, he already visited countries like Argentina, Mexico, France, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, England, France, Greece, Croatia and Lithuania. His artistic performance leaves a special impression of diversity and creativity to the crowd. The reason behind lies in his live sets, which contain only his own production. They are composed and adjusted for every event individually and are never the same in their performance to ensure a interesting and beautiful journey for all involved souls on the dance floor.