02 sep / agua / Monika Bassmacht

Spending every last cent of his pocket money for two turntables, a mixer and a mess of vinyl ten ears ago turned out to be his best idea, ever. Since then, this ambitious dj used the hundreds of shows he has played in the world of Hip-Hop and Bass Music to learn how to make a club quake to its very core. Onesidedness has never been his thing, and because of that, the Swiss born DJ has completed several interesting musical turnabouts in his career – ending up today as Monika Bassmacht, living and showing his love for House and Techno. Always on the time consuming hunt for the most breathtaking electronic sounds of tomorrow, he won’t shy away from mixing musical underground truffles with better known big room hits. Monika Bassmacht doesn’t just play energy laden DJ sets, but tells whole stories to mobs of dancers, always right on that beating sonic pulse of today.