03 feb 18 / life & death / The Pirate Boys / 19:00 – 20:00

Shadow Theatre: The Pirate Boys Odyssey
With a little help of his friends Alejandro and Dorothee, Krists tries to project through «the pirate boys odyssey» his own doubts and inner struggles. Flying through the sky and looking for the brightest falling stars. Creating myths of his own thoughts and feelings, he tries to understand himself better, playing with shadows, music and rainbows. Krists, Dorothee and Alejandro tell a story of pirates, love, hope and frustration. Sometimes lost in between the stars they try to find a way to reach Mars. Celebrating and being frustrated at once with all the uncertainty that surrounds them.

About Krists:

Krists is a citizen of the world and doesn’t have a home. He was born in Latvia, lived half of his live in Spain and is staying in Zurich, for now. The musical performance of «the pirate boys odyssey» shows his dream and personal trip through the foggy doubts of yesterday, the sadness of today and the hope and peace that he wishes to come in the future.

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