15 dec 19 / chakana amazonia release Zurich / Simone and Her Harmonium

About Simone:

Simone’s high passion is singing, chanting Mantras and Kirtan. The roots of this tradition are based in India (written down by the Vedas). The Mantras are chanted in the ancient Sanskrit “Devanagari” the language of gods older than 5000 years. Supported with her harmonium she supports people to settle down their mind and the nervous system, to take deep breaths and find the connection to themselves and to the earth.

It is simple and all about vibrations, resonance at the same time a reconnection and also a kind of singing meditation. The composition and variations of words and the root syllable directly impact the organs, mind and chakra. She also calls it healing through singing.

Simone will open the event with chanting and playing harmonium, after some hours if there is space she will invite you to do a Kirtan chant all together. It spreads out a lot of joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deveshi_21/
Website: https://www.deveshi.ch/kirtan-mantra

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