Vinyl release simone and her harmonium

15 dec 19 / chakana amazonia release Zurich / Simone and Her Harmonium About Simone: Simone’s high passion is singing, chanting Mantras and Kirtan. The roots of this tradition are based in India (written down by the Vedas). The Mantras are chanted in the ancient Sanskrit “Devanagari” the language of gods older than 5000 years. […]

TaitaInti combo

02 dec / Taita Inti / workshops + audiovisual experience Take advantage of experiencing the whole program of day and night with this special offer. I hereby register to the following event: workshops (Yoga, Ho’oponopono) + audio visual experience, 02.12.17, Contribution: CHF 45.- Please note that Chakana is an association and you have to be […]

Showroom kene

18 oct / Crowdfunding Showroom / Kené Exhibition / 19:00 – 21:30 This showroom will take place in one of the nicest gastronomy co-working spaces in Zurich: DasProvisorium where we will have delicious contributions from La Flor – Zurich Chocolatier with its finest chocolates and backeries from Seri Zurich!! Christian Seger aka MeToBe will accompany […]


02 sep / agua / Shammas (Cy) Demetris Shammas is a Cyprus-born architect and creative coder. While following a seemingly rational path, his work is driven by an attraction towards the unrepresentable, the unbuilt, by an eagerness to examine the possible as that which can never be fully captured. The steps are themselves uncertain and […]